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Saturday, January 31, 2009

What is SIN?

In essence sin is missing the mark, God’s mark. Anything that is outside the will of God is sin. This makes the category of what would fit as being sin very large. Nearly all people when thinking of sin think of actions such as stealing, lying, murder, or other things of that nature. But these things are all tangible things. I don’t think of sin as being tangible at least in the sense of it being physical. Maybe the effects of sin are tangible, but the sin itself I don’t think so. What if all these things that people see as sin are actually just a physical representation of the sin but not actually sin itself? What if the actual sin takes place at the level of our heart? So that when I steal something, its not the action of me taking something that doesn’t belong to me that is the sin, but my heart, in essence, telling God, “I don’t care what You want, I’m doing things my way”. The action then is just the outward expression of what has just taken place in my heart. When you boil it down all sin is the same in that it is a willful defiance of your heart against God.


Peter P said...

I'm hoping for a lively discussion of this post.

I'm going to be featuring it on my blog this week!

JC Lamont said...

I agree completely. Sin is anything contrary to the will of God.

Christina said...

I love this topic babe. We've discussed this before. I'm actually pretty proud of you for writing this post. We both tend to be very black and white individuals, but this view on sin brings some color I think. Sin on the heart level is not black and white then, it becomes subjective to the person's motives. Sure you have the black and white actions that signal sin, but ultimately only you and God know your heart. Our actions are windows into our hearts, but only windows. The fact that I didn't help that person out because I was too busy I might consider that sin because I felt God tugging me to it and I didn't obey. This post gives me much to ponder.

Rene said...

Research of people who have been clinically dead and had Near Death Experiences supports the 'missing the mark' interpretation. However, NDEs also provide testimonies of just how profound God's love is - something that should make any fundamentalist humble.