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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As my first blog I feel I need to start with a topic that is central to a great deal of what I believe. Much of everything else that I will write about will deal in some way with identity. How we view ourselves is crucial to the way we live, the expectations that we place on ourselves, and even the way that we process our ideas and thoughts.

If I was to ask you, “Who are you?” what would be your response? Most people would immediately tell me about what they do. “I’m a teacher”, “I’m a carpenter”, “I’m a student”. This however is what you do, not who you are. Many people have the false assumption that what they do makes them who they are. They have it backwards. It’s not what you do that makes you who you are, but who you are that will determine what you do. I attribute this error in thinking to the ability of being able to see what people do, but not who they are.

I can’t see into someone’s heart or soul to see who the person is. So I form that person’s identity based on what they do. To me, I base who they are from what they do. It would be easy to catch someone in a lie and instantly label them a liar. Think about this in regards to yourself. Most people would consider themselves to be honest people, but ask that so called honest person if they have ever told a lie. If we are what we do then I think we would all have to admit that we are all liars. That’s not what the bible has to say about our identity though. Our identity is not based on what we do.


Peter P said...

I am a sinner. A liar. Wretched. A failure. A poor father. A bad husband. A wayward Child. A blogger.

On the other hand, I am a child of God. Saved. Forgiven. A stranger in a strange land.

I am a son of the Living God.

But I'm still a blogger!

Welcome to the world of blogging John. I can't believe your wife omitted to mention you were blogging too!

Peter P said...

So who are you John?

John said...

Comming from the background of being a carpenter, I know what kind of pride I take in the work that I do. My identity has nothing to do with the work that I do, but wrather that I AM GOD'S WORKMANSHIP. If I put so much time and effort into a staircase, how much more did God put into me.

Peter P said...

So.. I I was to ask "who are you?", your response would be....?

John said...

My first thought is I am God's Workmanship. I have also told people I am a child of God, a saint, a royal priesthood.